The king of soapstone stoves

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The Mondex Hiisi is the majestic king of sauna stoves, combining rough-hewn Finnish soapstone, stylish black granite and advanced technology. The award-winning soapstone stove warms up across its entire surface, delivering humid and oxygen-rich heat time and time again.

The soapstone stove is a wall-mounted floor stove. Because it requires no rear safety distance, it can be installed right to a panel wall if required, saving more space for the benches.

The external control unit can be installed in the sauna, in the changing room or even into a light switch socket. Smart control electronics heat up the sauna efficiently and save energy. The control unit adapts to your sauna on the first use and learns to maintain temperature in the optimal way. The small, low-profile temperature sensor measures the temperature on the bench wall, ensuring just the right temperature every time you step in to enjoy the incredible heat of your sauna.


Muita etuja

  • The Hiisi is mounted directly against the wall; no rear safety distance is required.
  • External control unit
  • The stove can also be flush-mounted into the bench structure using a mounting flange.
  • The heat of the soapstone stove is always humid and soft, even in longer sessions.
  • Control unit cable length is 8 metres, while the temperature sensor cable length is 6 metres.
  • An optional LED kit that produces a fan-like light effect on the wall is also available.

Tekniset tiedot

Electrical specifications Sauna dimensions Stove dimensions
Power kW Voltage Fuse Conductor Volume (m3) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Adjustable support feet (mm)
6,6 3N—400V 3×10 A 5×1,5S 5—9 420 860 300 150
9,0 3N—400V 3×16 A 5×2,5S 7-13 420 860 300 150
Stove weight Minimum safe distance
Power kW Total weight (kg) Rock weight (kg) Front (mm) Side (mm) Rear (mm) Top (mm) Minimum room height (mm)
6,6 80 65 300 50 0 920 1900
9,0 80 65 300 50 0 970 1900

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