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Choose a heater that fits your sauna room and the way you like to take saunas. When choosing a heater, consider not only the size of the sauna but also any poorly insulated surfaces. You can use our heater selector to help you choose the right heater. 

Fill the heater with stones. Place the stones loosely in the central part and closer together around the outer edges of the heater. Fill the heater all the way to the inside of the resistor pillar. Remember to replace the stones at regular intervals. The Mondex WiFi heater control app reminds you well before the stones need to be replaced. .


A good target temperature for a sauna is 60–70 degrees. You can enter the sauna when the thermometer shows 5–10 degrees less than the target temperature. The Mondex WiFi heater control app sends a notification when the temperature is 10 degrees from the target temperature.


Use plenty of lukewarm water to throw on the heater. 

You can vary the quality of the steam by throwing water on different sides of the heater. Throwing water on the lower part of the heater will give you a soft, moist steam, while throwing water directly on top of the heater will rapidly increase the heat in the sauna. For the longest-lasting steam, slowly pour half a litre of water on top of the heater. 

Using different sauna scents creates a nice atmosphere in the sauna. 


Make sure that the air vent is opened, and that the sauna room is properly ventilated. 

To save energy, you can switch off the heater a few moments before you finish taking a sauna. 

The heat stored in the stone mass of the heater is sufficient to dry out your sauna.