The history of Mondex products goes back 25 years. We produce wood-fired and electric sauna stoves and stone radiators that combine advanced technology, high-quality design and genuine Finnish materials.

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The best saunas for Finnish bathers are naturally Finnish. All our products are made in Ylivieska, Finland – as proven by their Key Flag Symbol.


Some like it hot, some like it a little softer. That is why we design products for different styles and tastes, always making sure that they are easy to use.


Our products combine stylish design and high technology. Timeless Finnish design is excellent for both minimalistic Scandinavian-style homes as well as big glamour saunas.


Our products are made to withstand time and use. This is why we always use high-quality materials and test our products thoroughly.


We develop our products continuously – with more than 25 years of experience from our trade. We are passionate about evolving Finnish sauna culture!

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For us, every sauna is special and important. Your sauna deserves the perfect stove to give the best possible heat.