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Fell streams, light summer nights, calm lakes, cottages and the smell of birch leaves. These are all part of the Finnish landscape, just like the sauna. One of the most essential aspects of Finland is our sauna culture. Whether you’ve been on a hike in the woods or just had a hard day at work, you’ll find bathing in the sauna both relaxing and refreshing. In the sauna, we clean our bodies and minds, something almost sacred for us Finns. There are many stories about the sauna culture, and the best are told by the Finnish Mondex. 

Finland, design, and quality, that’s what Mondex is all about. The story of the Finnish sauna manufacturer Mondex began in 1992 in Kokkola, Central Ostrobothnia. Our first stoves were soapstone stoves that revolutionised the Finnish electric-stove market. Over the years, we have developed our expertise, invested more and more in the development of the Finnish sauna culture, and expanded our range with new products refined down to the last detail. Today, we still offer the original soapstone stoves, as well as a comprehensive range of electric and wood-burning stoves. In 2022, we launched our first WiFi controlled stoves. In addition to stoves, we produce safe, natural-feeling stone radiators. For us at Mondex, it’s important to continue looking to the future and be part of the ever evolving, modern Finnish sauna culture! 

The local production is important for Mondex, and we manufacture all our products in Finland. Mondex was merged into Premec Oy, based in Ylivieska, in early 2016. All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory in Ylivieska, Northern Ostrobothnia. More than 100 employees work in our modern and constantly expanding production facilities, taking care of both Mondex production and contract manufacturing of sheet metal. All our products carry the Finnish Avainlippu label. In early 2022, Premec Oy became part of the Dareko Oy Ltd group, and today Mondex is backed by a stable, internationally operating group employing hundreds of people worldwide.