The wood-fired Mondex stove

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Impressive round design, 70 kg rock capacity and outer shell with apertures guarantee that the Mondex Klapi produces ideal heat for all sauna tastes. Choose the ideal touch for your sauna from two beautiful colour options.

Thanks to its optimal size and the small safety distances required, the stove is ideal also for smaller family saunas.  The Klapi is an environmentally friendly and safe choice.


Muita etuja

  • Thanks to the massive rock capacity, it stores enough thermal energy to give out good heat also after the fire has gone out.
  • The residual heat of the Klapi also dries your sauna efficiently after use.
  • Unique draft control
  • Thanks to the special draft control solution, the stove heats up quickly despite the massive rock capacity, reducing the consumption of wood and creating an impressive efficiency ratio!
  • The stove has front and rear chimney ducts.
  • Thanks to the efficient three-channel combustion technology, the stove warms up quickly with minimum emissions.

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Sauna Dimensions Stove Dimensions
Power kW Volume (m3) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Adjustable support feet (mm) Chimney duct (mm) Furnace cover (mm)
13 8—16 460 750 460 30 115 8
Stove Weight Minimum safe distance
Total weight (kg) Rock weight (kg) Front (mm) Side (mm) Rear (mm) Top (mm) Minimum room height (mm)
122 70 500 250 250 1250 2000


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