Fast wall-mounted sauna stove with external control unit.

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The Mondex Teno E is a wall-mounted sauna stove that heats up quickly and features an external control unit. Thanks to the unique spiral resistors, the Teno E warms up very quickly. The 40 kg rock capacity – a massive amount for any wall-mounted stove – produces excellent heat from floor to ceiling. The heat can be adjusted from soft to intense by pouring water on the side or the top of the stove.

Thanks to electronic controls, the stove can be flush-mounted to the bench structure, making its already small footprint even smaller.

The Teno E has an external control unit that can be installed in the sauna, the changing room or even into a light switch socket. The small, low-profile temperature sensor measures the temperature on the bench wall, ensuring just the right temperature every time you use your sauna.


Muita etuja

  • The steel case with apertures gives heat also to the lower parts of the sauna.
  • Spiral resistors maximise the heating surface and improve the sauna’s overall energy efficiency.
  • The wall mounting plate supplied with the stove makes wall installation without any additional support structures a snap.
  • Control unit cable length is 8 metres; temperature sensor cable length is 6 metres.

Tekniset tiedot

Electrical specifications Sauna dimensions Stove dimensions
Power kW Voltage Fuse Conductor Volume (m3) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
6,6 3N—400V 3×10 A 5×1,5S 6—9 410 630 290
9,0 3N—400V 3×16 A 5×2,5S 8—13 410 630 290
Stove weight Minimum safe distance
Power kW Total weight (kg) Rock weight (kg) Front (mm) Side (mm) Rear (mm) Top (mm) Minimum room height (mm)
6,6 50 40 100 100 0 950 1900
9,0 50 40 120 120 0 970 1900


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