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Passion for sauna, Finnish design and sisu. Mondex is all of these.

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Mountain brooks, clear summer nights, a calm lake, the scent of birch trees, summer cottages. These are all parts of Finland – just like the sauna. One of the deepest essences of Finland is our very own sauna culture. After a hike in the woods or a hard day’s work, the sauna is relaxing and refreshing. The sauna cleanses the mind and body, it is something that is almost sacred to us Finns. There are many stories about it – and Mondex knows the best of them.

The story of Mondex started in Kokkola, Finland, more than 28 years ago. Our first stoves were soapstone stoves producing a gentle sauna experience. They revolutionised the market for Finnish electric stoves. Over the years, we have improved our expertise and focused on keeping our products Finnish year after year, and on developing Finnish sauna culture. Mondex is looking ahead and wants to be part of evolving and modern Finnish saunas, also in the future!

To us, it is important to keep our products Finnish. All of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland. This is also indicated by the Key Flag symbol. Mondex merged with Premec Oy at the beginning of 2016. Its know-how and modern plant, combined with the Mondex brand and its expertise as a stove manufacturer, guarantee the manufacture of reliable and high-quality stoves, also in the future.

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Why Mondex? Five reasons

The history of Mondex products goes back 28 years. We produce wood-fired and electric sauna stoves and stone radiators that combine advanced technology, high-quality design and genuine Finnish materials.

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